The Roman Empire: The rise and fall

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The Roman Empire: The rise and fall
1 The Barbaric Tribes
1.1 When the Romans conquered most of their lands they found an uncivilized people, the barbarians
1.2 They included the: Huns Picts Scots Germanic Gauls Iberians Thracian And many more
1.3 They worshipped animals as their gods
2 Roman gods and goddesses Were worshipped by all the Roman citizens These included:
2.1 Apollo:god of the sun Bacchus:god of wine party and madness Caelus:god of the sky Ceres:goddess of farming Cupid:god of love Diana:goddess of the moon Fortuna:goddess of luck Janus:god of gates and doors Juno:Jupiter’s wife and goddess of marriage Jupiter:King of the gods and god of lightning Mars:god of war Mercury:The gods messenger Minerva:goddess of strategy and wisdom Neptune: god of the sea And many more
3 The conquered lands
3.1 The lands the Roman Empire conquered were: France(Gaul) Spain(Espania) Germany(Germainia) England(Britannia) And most of Eastern Europe
3.2 They only conquered as far north in Britain as Scotland’s border and built a wall known as Hadrian’s wall
3.3 They also didn’t conquer Ireland(Hibernia) as they said the Hibernians were Barbaric Tribes and did not need to build a wall as there was the Irish Sea between Britain and Ireland
4 Their architecture
4.1 They built narrow roads in cities and countriy sides
4.2 They made houses into grid formation
4.3 Many of their cities had a forum a huge shopping center in the center of the city
4.4 They built lots of public places like the public baths where people could hang out and relax There were no private toilets so people had to do their business in front of everyone They also had no toilet paper and had to use a sponge on a stick
5 The Roman army
5.1 The Roman army was the most powerful army at its height of power It conquered many lands and took home a lot of money and slaves
5.2 They had different ranks in the army: Legionaries Auxiliaries And Centurions
5.3 They used different types of gear Including: Bows and arrows Javelins Shields Swords And Daggers
5.4 They wore protective clothing known as armor with sandals and a helmet
5.5 They would usually be in the army for 20 to 25 years
5.6 They would have to have tactics in battle two of them would be Arrow Rain:Around 50 archers would shoot at the command of a Shout all at the same time Their arrows would fly up like a black cloud and fall back down shooting its targets The Tortoise: 8 to 10 people would form a protective shell with their shields making it impossible for their enemies to hit them
6 The fall of the Roman Empire and what lead to it
6.1 Some say the Empire still survived in the form of the Byzantine Empire
6.2 8 reasons the Roman Empire fell 1:Invasions from barbarians 2:Economic troubles on over reliance on slave labor 3:Rise of eastern empire 4:Overexpantion And military overspending 5:Government corruption and political instability 6:Arrival of the Huns and migration of Barbaric Tribes 7:Christianity and loss of traditional value And 8:Weakening of Roman legions
6.3 In 476 C.E. Romulus the last of the emperors was overthrown by the Germanic leader Odoacer who became first barbarian to rule Rome The order the Empire had brought to Western Europe was no more
7 Classes
7.1 The citizens of Rome were sorted into two categories
7.1.1 Plebians Had simple meals Lived in simple houses known as insulae And the poorer ones got a payment of dole which was wheat grains to make bread They had a right to vote
7.1.2 Patricians Had a luxurious life Ate feasts Held dinner parties Could own slaves And had huge houses known as domus They had a right to vote
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