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English 2AB
1 Short Expository Text
1.1 view of real world
1.2 Are not FACT, but based on opinion
1.3 Use of facts and details
1.4 types of short expository texts
1.4.1 Essay
1.4.2 feature articles
1.4.3 Speeches
1.4.4 Songs
1.4.5 letters
1.5 POV of Writer
1.5.1 Authorial Voice
1.6 Persuasive Devices
1.6.1 Images Photographs Illustrations Cartoons
1.6.2 Statistics
1.6.3 Expert 'Witnesses'
1.6.4 Facts
1.6.5 personal experience
1.6.6 Worst Case scenario
1.6.7 Name/Credit
1.7 Reading & Analysing
1.7.1 Purpose of Title
1.7.2 Author's Name
1.7.3 Identify Source
1.7.4 Argument
1.7.5 Introduction link to main idea
1.7.6 Body Paragraphs Position Reader
1.7.7 Typography
1.7.8 Graphics
1.7.9 last Paragraph
1.8 Technique (Feature Article)
1.8.1 Snappy Headline Pun Rhetorical Question
1.8.2 Subheadline Summarise main argument
1.8.3 Language Choice Personal or Idiomatic Appropriate
1.8.4 Rhetorical Questions
1.8.5 Relevant Jargon
1.8.6 Short Paragraphs
1.8.7 Strong Personal Voice
1.8.8 Catchy Conclusion Simple One Sentence
1.9 Studied Texts
1.9.1 Driven to Distraction satirical / cynical Title Alliteration Persuasive Devices exageration Aggressive Language Anecdote Evidence Rhetoric questions interviews Image Happy people eating dinner Introduction Persuasive humorous Text Details Jim Berardo The Australian Issue Electric Devices at meal phone calls during dinner Good Manners Photography of food Bloggers argument it's rude too many people food looks "ugly" in Pics no communication
1.9.2 Why Perth is dead Boring Persuasive Devices inclusive language (we) Aggressive Language famous people attack Rhetorical Questions Onomatopia Slogan Details Grahame Armstrong Sunday Times 2007 Issue boredom of the city shops aren't open Government doesn't allow any
2 The Flame Tree
2.1 Stages of a Novel
2.1.1 1. Exposition
2.1.2 2. Conflict
2.1.3 3. Rising action
2.1.4 4. Climax
2.1.5 5. Resolutio
2.2 Characters
2.2.1 Isaac Williams Protagonist
2.2.2 Ismail Trisno (Friend)
2.2.3 Mary Williams (Mother)
2.2.4 Graham Williams (Father)
2.2.5 Mr Suherman (Teacher)
2.2.6 Tuan Guru
2.2.7 Mas Benkok
2.2.8 Mas Tanto
2.3 Plot
2.3.1 1. The Williams are Americans who work in Indonesia
2.3.2 2.Isaac is very good friend with Ismail
2.3.3 3.Protests start in Indonesia about religion
2.3.4 4. Christians have to suffer violence
2.3.5 5. The Children get evacuated
2.3.6 6. The Helicopter of Isaac crashes, he survives and gets taken as a hostage
2.3.7 7. Mr Suherman teaches him about Islam
2.3.8 8. Isaac gets circumciced and freed to his parents
2.3.9 9.Mum and Isaac go to Tuan Guru and forgive him
2.4 Idea
2.4.1 Extremism of any kind is dangerous
2.4.2 Religion should not be put before their children
2.4.3 Different religions have fights between eachother
2.4.4 Americans are very wealthy and lucky people
2.4.5 Local people in Indonesia suffer
2.5 Conventions
2.5.1 Plot Structure
2.5.2 Characters Protagonist Antagonist Minor Characters
2.5.3 Settings Time Place Position
2.5.4 POV First Person Second Person Third Person multiple Limited Omniscent
2.6 Richard Lewis
3 Target Audience
4 Purpose
5 Form
6 Context
7 Exit Through The Gift Shop
7.1 Conventions
7.1.1 Audio Music (non) diegetic sound Voiceover Narrator
7.1.2 Written Title Subtitle Credits All written things
7.1.3 Technical Lightning Framing Shots Montage tracking Focus Hand-hold Camera
7.1.4 Symbolic Objects Clothing body language Facial expressions Colours Actors
7.1.5 Narrative Characters Plot POV Settings structure
7.2 Idea
7.2.1 Street art is something beatiful
7.2.2 Street art is against the law
7.2.3 You can make money with street art
7.2.4 Banksy and Sheppard are Pros
7.2.5 Terry is a selfish and chaotic person
7.2.6 Street art respect must be gained
7.3 Characters
7.3.1 Terry Guetta (Protagonist)
7.3.2 Sheppard Fairy
7.3.3 Banksy
7.3.4 Space "Invader"
7.4 Produced: 2010 by Banksy
8 Print Visuals
8.1 Conventions
8.1.1 Written Title Subtitle Meaning Words language
8.1.2 Symbolic Clothes Body Language Facial Expression Objects
8.1.3 Narrative Plot Story behind Picture Character Settings
8.1.4 Technical
8.2 Studied Texts
8.2.1 'The Tiananmen Square' 1989, Jeff Widener War is bad it needs only one person Communist govt is bad Single man has no chance against Govt Photojournalism
8.2.2 'Sudan Civil War' Kevin Carter, 1994 War is bad Girl starving in foreground Vulture waiting for Girl to die Dry land Photojournalism
8.2.3 'Michael Kors Advertisement" Woman is beautiful because of bag She's Famous Big Handbag in Foreground Crowd loves her expensive clothes Advertisment to buy the product
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