What is real?

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What is real?
1 Plato
1.1 Studied in the pythagoras reasearch institute
1.1.1 Perfect shapes do not seem to exist The perfect forms must exist somewhere else. We imitate the perfect forms
1.2 Idealism
1.2.1 The real things are these otherworldly forms.
1.3 Matter (wood) + Form (tableness) = Object (imperfect wooden table)
1.4 Other theories
1.4.1 Human being White: spiritual part Black: negative part Constant fight
2 Aristotle
2.1 Plato´s student
2.1.1 Accepted plato's theory after he made a huge departure
2.2 Matter (defined by object) + Form (defined by object) = Object (real object)
2.2.1 The form is in the object and is defined by it
2.2.2 The form varies from all the people
2.3 There is nothing in our mind that hasn´t gone throught our senses
2.3.1 Human being is a white blackboard that gets filled by the senses
2.4 Other theories
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