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1 Assumption
1.1 Society shapes human behaviour through socialisation
1.2 Society needs rules and regulations to create order
1.2.1 People who break the rules or don't conform are 'deviant'
1.3 Society is the sum of its parts - Everyone has a role they to play in society
1.3.1 When people are ill they can't contribute If too many people claim to be sick society fails
1.3.2 There has to be consensus of norms and values
2 The function of the healthcare system is to ensure the sick get back to work.
2.1 If a doctor says you are sick this is permisable.
2.1.1 You are now in the 'sick role' Society has norms
2.1.2 In the sick role you must: Not expect to take care of themselves Want to get better Seek help of professionals Comply with advice from professions. If everyone does their part formal care is functional Care profressionals have job and purpose Being sick is acceptable.
3 Key Figure: Talcott Parsons.
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