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Energy Mindmap

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1 Electricity
1.1 Nuclear
1.1.1 Disasters Chernobyl Nuclear Safety Safest on record Risk Meltdown Mass Anger Riots / Protests Global tension Distrust Global tension at UN Brexit V.2 Food is dangerous Global disruption
1.1.2 Clean power
1.2 Fossil Fuels
1.2.1 Pollutants Asthma increase
1.2.2 Sulphur Dioxide Acid Rain Toxication of water and plant life
1.3 Renewables
1.3.1 Economical problems
1.3.2 Infinite but unreliable power
1.3.3 Renewable sources Solar Expensive Slows tech progress Works in deserts Wind Mauls people who try to maintain it Kills birds Only effective in wind Clean, but unreliable Much maintainence Economy strain Hydroelectric Aids flooding Must be built on large rivers Geothermal Most effective in Iceland.... Requires lethal volcano Biofuels Still not totally carbon free Not that far from actual gas
2 Global Warming
2.1 Ice caps melting- sea rises
2.1.1 Polynesia and Islands buried GLobal tension
2.2 Dangerous weather
2.3 Storms more violent
2.3.1 Trade halted Global Economy crash Living standards drop Stock market falls
2.4 Crop Shortages
2.4.1 Food Shortage Human Lots of population loss Large influxes of immigrants fleeing Society halts Disease, Famine, etc Animal Fish move environments Animals die out Mass Migration Areas of planet left without food
2.5 Fuel Shortages
2.5.1 Society halts Democracy breaks down Martial Law declared MIlitary action Rebellion and anarchy Coup De' Tat on authorities
2.5.2 Mass Panic
3 Fake News
3.1 Donald Trump
3.2 Mass panic
3.3 Media exaggeration
4 Global Shortages
4.1 Population increases
4.1.1 Energy Demand
4.1.2 Actual generation
4.1.3 Housing crisis increases even more
4.2 Anarchy
4.2.1 End of Civillization
5 Greenhouse effect
5.1 Sea level rises
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