Elizabeth Bishop

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Elizabeth Bishop
1 Beautiful/Well crafted poetry
1.1 Eye for detail/Appreciation of tone and contrast very evident in her poetry
1.2 Beautifully crafted langauge
1.2.1 "At the fishhouses" - Poem creates atmosphere of sea through language "Indifferentely swinging above the stones, nicely free above the stones" Poetic prowess is also seen through her mastery of form - "Sestina" Despite the emotional intensity of such a personal issue - Remain rigid poetic structure gives opportunity ti remain disconnected from the emotions that these memories recall No overwhelming emotion hearing of the grandmother "Laughing and talking to hide the tears" Exceptional hallmark of Bishops poetry as she is capable of writing about past pain with exact precision without faulting highlighting unbelieavable mastery of form
2 Unique poetic style - Confessional style - Draws from past painful memories
2.1 Attention to artistic detail/Philosophical nature/ Mastery of form/ Exploration of personal subject matter
3.1 "At the fishhouses"
3.1.1 "Cold evening" Only place that has resembled home
3.2 Mesmerised by power and forensic accuracy of description of her poetry
3.2.1 Through images such as a wheelbarrow plastered with "Creamy iridescent coats of mail with small iridescent flies crawling on them" and "Small old buildings with an emerald mass glowing on their showered walls Reinforce philosophical thoughts/ Unique attention to detail
4 Issues from the past/ Home and Identity
4.1 "Sestina"
4.1.1 Tries to deal with pain of her childhood/depicts young girl suffered tragic loss
4.1.2 Innocence under constant attack like "The rain that beats on the roof of the house" Childlike tone - Through repetition and rhythm - "I know what I know, says the almanac" This gives way to a melancholy under event- A mastif of tears runs throughout "Teakettles small hard tears" "Dark brown tears" "To plant tears" Enhances the tone of sadness Clear from poem issues of family filled Bishop with much sadness since childhood - Creates a sense of intimacy with reader
5 Theme of identity - "The Fish"
5.1 "Tremendous fish" - transfixed by the appearance
5.1.1 Forsenic description - "looked into his eyes" and "Admired his sullen face" - humanizes fish Fish - "lower lip.. grim and wet and weaponlike/hung five old pieces of fish like" - Fishes life full of turmoil = Bishop too Microscopic investigation of Fishes appearance makes Bishop think otherwise of killing the fish The "Vulnerable" fish beauty is in its ability to survive.. Emotional intensity + leap of conscience makes Bishop realise that the fish is symbolic representitive of Human suffering/Her past pains
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