RS: marriage and the family- christian attitudes

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RS: marriage and the family- christian attitudes
1 sex outside of marriage
1.1 "thou shalt not commit adultery" 10 commandments from God- do not go against
1.2 agape- if you love each its acceptable to not wait until marriage.
1.3 procreation- only takes place within a marriage
1.4 cohabitation is normal now- sex is a normal part of living together- step towards marriage
2 divorce
2.1 marriage is also a promise to god- holy agreement should not be broken
2.2 "anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery."
2.3 you cannot divorce but you can get an annulment- marriage was not consummated- never lawfully married
2.4 god is always ready to forgive sins
3 homosexuality
3.1 sex is for procreation
3.2 design argument- god designed you individually, if you are homosexual god designed you that way
3.3 gods plan- god made you homosexual for a reason
3.4 our bodies are designed for heterosexuality
4 contraception
4.1 roman catholics- if you use procreation you cannot procreate
4.2 protestants- morning after pill, life begins at conception, you kill an unborn baby, most other methods are acceptable
4.3 roman catholic- natural- rhythm method, god made your cycle that way
4.4 roman catholics- allows promiscuity
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