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Online Services
1 Communication
1.1 Social Network
1.1.1 Benefits Easy access socialisation Easy exchange of info
1.1.2 Examples Twitter Facebook
1.2 Conferencing
1.2.1 Benefits Instant Communication No business fees (travel etc)
1.2.2 Examples Teamspeak Skype
1.3 Email
1.3.1 Benefits Allows international collaboration Free (aside from initial fees + internet etc)
1.3.2 Examples Gmail iCloud
2 Real Time
2.1 Travel
2.1.1 Examples PlaneFinder NationalRail
2.1.2 Benefits Up to date info on cancelations etc Organise picking up people
2.2 Sports
2.2.1 Benefits Keeps fans up to date on events Gambling
2.2.2 Examples BBC Sport r/sports
2.3 Weather
2.3.1 Examples Yahoo Weather BBC Weather
2.3.2 Benefits Helps organise events Convenience
3 Commerce
3.1 Online Shopping
3.1.1 Benefits Convenience Helps people who cant get to supermarkets e.g. the elderly
3.1.2 Examples Ebay Amazon
3.2 Banking
3.2.1 Exampes Natwest lloyds
3.2.2 Benefits Global Safety( not carrying large sums of money)
4 Government
4.1 e-voting
4.1.1 Examples
4.1.2 Benefits No influence on voting Time saving and convenient
4.2 Tax Returns
4.2.1 Benefits Quick and easy Can do taxes anywhere
4.2.2 Examples
5 Education
5.1 Tutorials
5.1.1 Examples Youtube
5.1.2 Benefits Own pace Replay function
5.2 Online Education
5.2.1 Examples KhanAcademy BBC Bitesize
5.2.2 Benefits Comfort Own pace
6 Entertainment
6.1 Video Streaming
6.1.1 Benefits Improved viewer experience Viewer interaction
6.1.2 Examples Hitbox Twitch
6.2 Online Gaming
6.2.1 Benefits Play with people across the world Learning about new cultures
6.2.2 Examples WoW CSGO
6.3 Online recordings
6.3.1 Benefits Convenience Watch classics
6.3.2 Examples BBC iPlayer ITV Player
7.1 Moodle
7.1.1 Benefits Easy and Instant Access Convenience/Comfort
7.1.2 Examples Share Files Homework
8 Business
8.1 Video Conferencing
8.1.1 Benefits Avoid travel/housing costs Interact visually
8.1.2 Examples Skype
8.2 Collaborative Working
8.2.1 Benefits Businesses can work together much easier Remove need for physical memory
8.2.2 Examples Dropbox iCloud
9 Download Services
9.1 Music
9.1.1 Benefits Cheaper/No chance of breaking Easy Storage
9.1.2 Examples iTunes Spotify
9.2 Software
9.2.1 Examples Adobe Nvidia
9.2.2 Benefits Instant access to newest versions Community of testers
9.3 Film
9.3.1 Examples LoveFilm Amazon
9.3.2 Benefits No Travel Costs Often cheaper than physical copies
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