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Online services 2
1 Online advertising is a means of promoting products and services using the internet.
2 It can be used to spread marketing messages widely to customers.
3 Online data storage is another example of an online service.
4 Online Advertising. This uses a number of methods to promote products and services.
4.1 Search engne results pages.
4.1.1 Companies can register t use bigger search engines e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo.
4.1.2 This is so their website appears higher up in a list of keyword searches or pay for links that appear when someone searches.
4.2 Banner and Pop up advertisements.
4.2.1 These are the advertisements that appear at the top of the web pages or pop on web pages.
4.2.2 These are often animated to capture attention.
4.3 Email Marketing
4.3.1 Uses email to send advertisements to customers (both potential and existing customers.)
4.3.2 However Customer often see this type of marketing as spam if it is sent as unsolicited bulk emails.
4.4 Online advertising is to promote products and events. In order ecming very popular as it is easy to ensure that online advertising is effective, companies need to make sure that...
4.4.1 This isnt allways effective.
4.4.2 1. Captures the point of the target market through the use of designer features. e.g. Colours, Layout,Graphics,Animation, Etc in banner advertisement.) and is easily accessible.
4.4.3 Retains consumers interests. For example, by directing consumers to additional interactive information about a product. Such as a video demonstration of a product. The speed with which the information loads is also importantto make sure that consmers don't lose interest.
5 Pay-per-click advertising.
5.1 PPC advertising is a form of online advertising. It involves websites or web pages hosting ads for other companies.
5.2 If a surfer clicks on an ad, they will be re-directed through to the advertiser’s website. The website or web page provider will receive a payment for every ad which is clicked on.
5.3 Pay-per-click advertising uses what is known as an affiliate model. Advertisements or links to a company’s website are placed on other websites (affi liates) and in return the affi liate site receives a percentage of the income for any customer that clicks through. Google™ AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft ® adCenter are all big players in this field.
6 Online Data Storage see mind map on cloud storage.
6.1 Data storage is another type of online service. Many organisations are providing facilities for you to store and back up your data on their computers, and to make files available to share with others. The current term used for online data storage is ‘cloud storage’.
6.2 Data backup is a method of making copies of files. These copies can then be retrieved if disaster recovery is needed.
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