Health And Human Development

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Health And Human Development
1 Unit 3
1.1 Understanding Australia's Health
1.1.1 Different Measures Of Health Status Burden Of Disease HALEs DALYs Years Of Life Lost (YLL) Years Lost Due To Disability (YLD) Life Expectancy U5MR Mortality Morbidity Incidence and Prevalence
1.1.2 Dimensions Of Health Physical Mental Social
1.1.3 Determinants Of Health Physical Environment Physical Social Mental
1.1.4 Population Groups In Aus Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Male/Female Rural And Remote High/Low Socioeconomic
1.1.5 NHPA's Obesity Diabetes Mellitus Cardiovascular Health Dementia Arthritus and Musculoskeletal Conditions Cancer Control Injury Prevention and Control Mental Health Asthma
1.1.6 Nutrition Macronutrients Fats Transfats Saturated Fats Poly/Monounsaturated Proteins Complete Incomplete Carbohydrates Simple Carbohydrates Complex Carbohydrates High/Low GI Fibre Micronutrients Vitamins Vitamin D Minerals Phosphate Calcium Sodium Water
1.2 Promoting Health In Austtralia
1.2.1 Models Of Health and Health Promotion Biomedical Model Of Health Social Model Of Health A.R.E.A.S Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion Mediate Enable Advocate Bad Cats Smell Dead Rats VicHealth Priorities
1.2.2 Australia Healthcare System Government Local State/Territory Federal Values S.E.E.C.A.R.S Medicare Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme Private Health Insurance
1.2.3 Promoting Healthy Eating Australian Guide To Healthy Eating Dietary Guidelines Nutrition Surveys NGO Agencies Nutrition Australia Health Living Pyramid
2 Unit 4
2.1 Introducing Global Health And Human Development
2.1.1 Sustainability Dimensions Social Environmental Economic Elements a Sustainable Program Appropriateness Equity Affordability
2.1.2 Influences of Health Status Global Marketing Gender Equality Peace/Political Stability Education Access To Healthcare Physical Environments
2.1.3 Global Health Developed and Developing Countries Mortality Strata Human Development Human Development Index Similarities And Differences In Health Status b/w Aus and Developing Countries
2.1.4 UN Millennium Goals 1. Eradicate Extreme Poverty And Hunger 2. Achieve Universal Education 3. Promote Gender Equality And Empower Women 5. Improve Maternal Health 4. Reduce Child Mortality 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria And Other Diseases 7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability 8. Develop Global Partnerships For Development
2.2 Promoting Global Health And Human Development
2.2.1 Types Of Aid Emergency/Humanitarian Aid Bilateral Aid Non-Government Aid Multilateral Aid
2.2.2 Sustainable Human Development
2.2.3 United Nations World Peace and Security Human Rights Social And Economic Development Humanitarian Assistance
2.2.4 The World Health Organisation 1. Promoting Development 2. Fostering Health Security 3. Strengthening Health Systems 4. Harnessing Research, Information and Evidence 5. Enhancing Partnerships 6. Improving Performance
2.2.5 Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade Economic Development Health Education Empowering Women And Girls Effective Governance Humanitarian Aid
2.2.6 Programs Focusing On Literacy Food Security HIV/AIDS & Malaria Immunisation Safe Water Sanitation
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