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Degree Intro to Ancient Mind Map on Pre-Socratics, created by Jenny George on 06/09/2013.

Jenny George
Created by Jenny George over 6 years ago
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1 Milesians
1.1 Thales
1.1.1 Everything is water First structured system w/out Gods
1.2 Anaximander
1.2.1 Everything is Apeiron Limitless, Infinite
1.3 Anaximines
1.3.1 Everything is Air First principle is finite, unlike the things it creates
2 Heraclitus
2.1 Flux
2.1.1 Reletavism
2.1.2 Language
2.2 Theory of Opposites
2.2.1 Unity of Opposites
2.2.2 Measured tensions Sun rise and sun set
2.3 Paradox Form
2.4 Fire
2.4.1 Metaphorical and Practical
2.4.2 Symbolic
3 Parmenides
3.1 Way of Truth
3.1.1 Difficult to understand
3.1.2 Exploration of Being and not Being
3.1.3 No account for change-change is not possible
3.1.4 How do we talk about nothing?
3.2 Way of Seeming
3.2.1 Told it to be a lie
3.2.2 Accurate, up to date view of philosophy and science
3.3 Purpose/Development
4 The atomists
4.1 Atoms and Void
4.1.1 We see things as sheets of Atoms coming at us We never see the objects themselves
4.1.2 First attempt to account for change Hooks and points
4.1.3 Atoms only differ in shape and volume
4.2 Ethics
4.2.1 by convention sweet, by convention bitter, by convention hot, by convention cold, by convention colour; but in reality atoms and void
4.2.2 Senses can't be trusted Need senses for reason Self-refuting?
5 Protagoras
5.1 Man is the measure of all things
5.1.1 Extreme Relativism Conflicting views are equally true Teaching is impossible Flouts law of non-contradiction Second interpretation: truth for me and truth for you-qualification
5.1.2 Like Heraclitus-good for one species, bad for another
5.1.3 Self-refuting?

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