Robert Browning

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Robert Browning
1 DoB/DoD 1812-1889
2 He met Elizabeth Barrett Browning in 1845
2.1 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
2.1.1 Domineering father Disapproves of marriage Disinherits Elizabeth once he hears of her marriage
2.1.2 DoB/DoD 1806-1861 6 years older than Robert
2.1.3 Health At 15 she fell ill headaches and spinal pain - lifelong Prescribed with morphine which she used for the majority of her life She was heavily dependent upon them 1837 she caught a lung disease
2.1.4 Robert and Elizabeth had a secret marriage They honeymooned in Paris Ran away to live in Italy They remained there for the rest of Elizabeth's life Elizabeth grew stronger In 1849 at the age of 43 After four miscarriages she gave birth to her son, Pen
3 Poems
3.1 My Last Duchess


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