How is Discrimination a key theme in Of Mice and Men?

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Yr 10 English (Of Mice and Men) Mind Map on How is Discrimination a key theme in Of Mice and Men?, created by Maxime PANS on 03/29/2018.

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How is Discrimination a key theme in Of Mice and Men?
  1. Crooks
    1. Curley's Wife
      1. Why: Already Curley's Wife is discriminated by not even being told her own name, she is objectified and is always trying to find a way not to be lonely by always asking 'have you guys seen Curley'. She is discriminated because of her gender and how she is portrayed by other women mentioned in the novella. Also Lennie only killed soft and innocent living things beforehand that could symbolize that women are weak and not well treated.
        1. How: As mentioned before she is objectified as Curely's Wife not a proper name. The other women don't represent the gender fairly, as mentioned in the brothel women are easily pushed around and can be equally seen on the ranch how the same men treat her like a 'tart'. Ironically the person who's meant to love her doesn't actually love her and vise versa, she is constantly looking for Curley and vise versa whereas Curley's Wife is always looking for accompiment from especially Lennie using her powers against his weakness.
          1. Context:
          2. Lennie
            1. Why: Lennie has a mental disability that no one understands or even cares for Lennie besides for George. Even George we can argue how much he cares for Lennie or is he using Lennie just to complete his dream of 'living of the fatta of the land'
              1. How: Lennie is constantly being teased by all people besides Curley's Wife. Even Crooks ( a negro) undermines Lennie when they meet in the barn. Curley, even though having an authouritive figure already being placed above Lennie is jealous of his pure strength after himself claimin himself to be really good at boxing.
                1. Context: Being mentally disabled was frowned upon and seen as a burden to society, contributing to nothing intelligent. However Lennie is a symbol of hope even though he is on the spectrum of some metal disease he does still work. Many people wonder why George is friends with Lennie and is due to his mental disability however it is seen as George taking money indirectly from Lennie just to finish his dream.
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