Rotational Motion

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Rotational Motion
1 Center of Mass
1.1 Σmixi/M
2 Linear Momentum
2.1 p = mv
2.2 [M1L1T-1]
2.3 kgm/s
3 Angular Velocity
3.1 ω = dθ/dt
3.2 the rate of change of angular displacement
3.3 rad/s
3.4 [T-1}
4 Torque
4.1 a force that tends to cause rotation
4.2 τ = r x F
4.3 Nm
4.4 [ML2T-2]
5 Angular Momentum
5.1 the quantity of rotation of a body, which is the product of its moment of inertia and its angular velocity
5.2 l = rp
5.3 [ML2T-1]
5.4 kgm2/s
6 Couple
6.1 a pair of equal and opposite forces with different lines of action
7 Center of Gravity
7.1 the point where the total gravitational torque = 0
7.2 Gravitational Torque
7.2.1 τ(g) = Στ(i) = Σmiri
8 Moment of Inertia
8.1 I = Σrixi^2
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