Night Drive


A level English (Heaney) Mind Map on Night Drive, created by Mollie Rich on 04/09/2018.
Mollie Rich
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Mollie Rich
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Night Drive
  1. Imagery
    1. Sexual
      1. Longing for his wife/sex
        1. Third stanza
          1. Groaning
            1. Bled seeds
              1. Smouldered
              2. turns farm imagery into thoughts of her
            2. Foreign destinations
              1. Signposts whitened relentlessly
                1. Car lights driving past
                  1. Were promised, promised, came and went
                    1. list suggesting haste to see her - Breaking rule of 3
                2. France, Italy
                  1. Places of love, sex and romance
                    1. Reminding him of her
              2. Tone
                1. Longing
                  1. Incomplete
                  2. Themes
                    1. Desire / Lust
                      1. His Wife
                      2. Overview
                        1. Journey to see his wife
                          1. Relfection of their relationship/ longing for her
                          2. Phonetics
                            1. Open vowel sounds
                              1. warm droughts in the open
                                1. False sense of security
                                  1. calming atmosphere
                                2. Rhyme
                                  1. Half rhyme
                                    1. air/car went/fulfilment sphere/there
                                      1. sense of near miss
                                        1. Isolation without her / doesnt fit
                                      2. reflects unordinary situation for Heaney
                                    2. Structure
                                      1. Ordinariness
                                        1. Beginning and end
                                          1. All encompassing
                                            1. Feels complete with her ordinariness
                                        2. Heavy use of deixis
                                          1. He travels through France as the poem progresses
                                            1. About his journey and longing to be with her
                                        3. Language
                                          1. Second person pronoun
                                            1. I thought of you
                                              1. Personal to wife - love letter?
                                            2. Ordinariness
                                              1. She is a part of him, finds comfort in her and makes him complete
                                                1. Litotes - unordinary situation - not ordinary to be alone
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