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Platinum Global
1 What do we do?
1.1 Sales
1.1.1 Canvassing From For Sale Signs Driving the Street From Newspaper Ads From property details Compare to data base of properties Match description Match flat or street number match with current photos on data base street view photo From Property Photo match with current photos on data base street view photo From Internet Ads From referrals newsletters The Landlord The Commercial Landlord Direct phone enquiries From Web page reaction Needs access for individual agents to canvass agent by agent no duplication of effort warn agent if already being worked on by other agent put out for sale boards keep record of board and dates due to come in.
1.1.2 Marketing Boards internet web page newletters referrals
1.1.3 Contract Contract completion from property data base from people data base Seller Buyer Agency Agent Transferring Attorney Can be fixed for developments Can be choosable for individual sales. From Transferring Attorney data base (people) Bond Originator From People Data base - bond originators Items to be completed in contract Property details None property related items Buyer details Seller details Property Choices ie colour of carpets Fixed items from property data base from people database Non Fixed items Occupational rent Occupational Date special Conditions Standard non standard
1.1.4 agent recruiting training recruiting data base
1.1.5 Contract Management Write up Sales Contract Get signed by Buyer and Seller Have subject to and bond approved On transfer congratulate buyer and seller and take a gift write up the sales commission sheet On transfer pay commission out
1.2 Letting
1.3 Body Corporate Management
1.3.1 Residential Meetings accounting Building Maintenance
1.3.2 Commercial & Industrial
1.4 Other
1.4.1 Valuations Residential Commercial & Industrial Hotels etc
1.4.2 Insurance
1.4.3 Training Train all staff members and apprentices Ensure that they achieve their required annual training points
2 Mike Spencer
2.1 Consultation
2.1.1 Developer Consultaion Consultation Practical Management Consultation Updated Practical rules
2.1.2 Body Corporate Consultation
2.1.3 Lecturing Property Management Property Development Agent Training
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