Financial Documents

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Financial Documents
1 Purchase Order: -
1.1 This document is used to initiate or confirm the placing of an order for goods or a service from a supplier.
2 Delivery Note: -
2.1 This document it issued by suppliers to customers for signature confirming the delivery of goods made. The not is dispatched with the goods.
3 Goods Recieved Notes: -
3.1 Internal documents which are used by the receiever of goods to confirm what has been receieved by the business. These can be matched againest the orignal purchase order.
4 Invoices: -
4.1 Are documents sent from the seller to the buyer that detail the payment required for goods or services exchanged.
5 Remittance Advice Slips: -
5.1 RSA's are sent by the customers to suppliers advising them of the payment that has been made.
6 Debit Notes: -
6.1 Debit Notes are documents which are sent to the customers to notify them that the orignal invoice is undercharged. These are sometimes used by customers when returning goods to suppliers.
7 Credit Notes: -
7.1 Credit Notes are issused by suppliers when customers have returned goods, to act as a discount against any payments still outstanding or to be set off against the customers next purchase.
8 Statements of Accouonts: -
8.1 These are doccuments that summarise all transactions between a buyer and a seller over a given period of time (usally one month).
9 Cheques: -
9.1 Cheques are blank forms which are issued by a bank that when completed act as instructions to the blank that the holder of an account wants to transfer a stated sum of money to a named person or business.

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