Physics 1

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Created by leahon over 6 years ago
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Physics 1
1 Energy
1.1 Heat Transfer
1.1.1 Radiation No particles are needed Infra red E.g. Sun heats Earth Black dull surfaces emit and absorb better Shiny silver absorb and emit poorly
1.1.2 Conduction Good in solids As there tight particles, particles vibrate into each other Especially good in metals as free electrons
1.1.3 Convection Only in gases and liquids As particles move so they collide more, less dense therefore rise
1.1.4 Flasks Vacuum No conduction or convection Lid No convection Shiny outside Stops radiation
1.2 Evaporation & Condensation
1.2.1 Evap. Average speed= High Fast molecules leave Average speed= Low E.g. Sweating
1.2.2 Conden. Gas changes to a liquid
2 Energy
2.1 Insulation
2.1.1 Have to say whether stopping condu. convec. or rad.
2.1.2 Stops Conduction As air is very poor conductor
2.1.3 Stops convection As air is trapped
2.1.4 U values Low u- value Better Insulation Energy transferred per second per square metre when the temperature difference is 1 degree celsius
2.2 Heat moves from hotter to colder
2.3 Specific Heat Capacity
2.3.1 Water= 4200 Joules per kg degrees celsius
2.3.2 Land= 800 J/Kg ^C
2.3.3 Energy= Mass x SHC x Temp. Change
2.4 Types
2.4.1 Kinetic
2.4.2 Elastic Potential
2.4.3 Heat
2.4.4 Electrical
2.4.5 Sound
2.4.6 Light
2.4.7 Nuclear
2.4.8 Chemical
2.4.9 Gravitational

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