Unit 1.6 V2 System Security

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Unit 1.6 V2 System Security
1 Types of attack
1.1 Malware - MALicious softWARE
1.1.1 Files deleted, corrupted or encrypted
1.1.2 Can cause identity theft
1.1.3 Trojan Horses, Viruses and/or worms
1.2 Phishing - Disguising as a normal webpage
1.2.1 Peoples private accounts are accessed.
1.2.2 Brands lose high value data and therefore reputation
1.3 Brute Force Attack - Trial and Error Method
1.3.1 Access to Corporate Systems
1.3.2 Theft of Personal Data; passwords and your PIN
1.4 DDOS - Direct Denial Of Service, zombie computers flood a system causing it to crash
1.4.1 Loss of access for customers
1.4.2 Loss of revenue and reputation of the company
1.5 Data Interception - Packet Sniffing to extract data throughout its 'journey'
1.5.1 Usernames and passwords can be compromised
1.5.2 Loss of corporate data is possible
1.6 SQL Injections - Can change data in a database by inserting extra code into a text input box
1.6.1 Private data in file can be released / altered
1.6.2 Rogue records can be added
2 Preventing Vulnerabilities
2.1 Penetration Testing - Checks for potential vulnerabilities by a qualified person in a controlled environment
2.2 Network Forensics - Thorough Forensic Investigation of networks and their devices
2.3 Anti Malware - Prevents Malware
2.3.1 Anti Virus - Specifically targets computer viruses
2.4 Network Policies - Defines how a system can be secured through specific rules
2.5 Firewall - Software that performs a 'barrier'. 99.9% effective. Detects patterns
2.6 User Access Levels - Who can view what. Administrator makes a hierarchy
2.7 Passwords - Allow a time gap and limit number of attempts
2.8 Encryption - See Unit 1.5
2.9 Biometric Security
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