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Business Studies ! :)
  1. Question 1
    1. Survive, Go beyond break even.
      1. B) Stakeholder 1- Employees,how, More commpetition as a cafe, this may mean less customers whichmay result in less pay or loose ther job.
        1. Stakeholder 2- Marco- how, more competion, less sales, less profit or no profit.
        2. C) weekly revenue, £600, workings, 150 * 4 = £600
          1. Cii) Marco needs to consider how much he pays his suppliers, advantage/disadvantage. Advantage being he may sell more units. disadvantge being he may loose money on each sale of fish and chips
          2. D) Define interveiw- what is it. Advantages- face to face, more advance questions, alrerady in your shop. Disadvantage being- not a wide range of question you can ask? lie and already using business
            1. D) Define questionairre what is it - advantages- more answers, potential new customers through advertising. disadvantges cost, time, lie
              1. Using the edverdence above recommendation- both but if ai had to choose would be questionairee on the chancve get more customers.
              2. Question 2
                1. 2a) Food Saftey Standards sale of goods act customers saftey act
                  1. sale of goods act Product fit for purpose, does what it says on the tin- if it says is water proof it has to be water proof.
                    1. b1. produce 100s of the exact same thing- quicker- cheeper- less staff- reducees bills
                      1. b2. all identical, only have to check one to make sure they all are the same, saving time and money
                      2. c. If budget signs made good quality products their clients wouild recommend them to other business and clients, thus hightening revenue for budget signs. they would also get job satisfaction knowing they did a good job. using the evidence above you can see that doing a good job not only get you more money but also, makes you happier.
                        1. d. cash flow
                          1. money in raise porofit ad\disad
                            1. reduce costs ad\disad
                              1. open longer ad\disad
                                1. advertise ad\disadvanatge
                            2. money out
                              1. lower wages ad\disad
                                1. cheep products ad\disad
                                  1. lower bills ad\disad
                          2. 3. 1) no one buy shares only canbe invited in to have shares
                            1. limeted liablilty, only what you are put in
                              1. b) public transport, free car park, larger populated area, next to busy road make it all biusy
                                1. c) flexible, work more for less money, part time ex-plain!
                                  1. D) motivating theory, mayo, talk to your staff, ask how they are, there opion ect ect. higher pay, training, job rotaations, bonus, promotion ect ect ..
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