Python key words

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Python key words
1 Conditionals
1.1 These are generally if statements within computer programming.
2 Module
2.1 This is a window where you code your program.
3 Function
3.1 These are sections of code which are executed as and when they are needed.
3.2 Function example= pacMan
4 Decrements
4.1 Decrease the value of an integer.
5 Variable
5.1 These are values which are stored to help the programme function proplerly. Variables can change based on what the user does.
5.2 Variable example= pac_man
6 Shell
6.1 This is where your programme is executed.
7 Library
7.1 A collection of functions which you can ask python to use if you need them.
8 Increment
8.1 Increase the value of an integer.
9 Camel casing
9.1 This is a convention used by programmers when writing functions. The first word is always lower case and then the following words all bring begin with an upper case letter.
10 Concatenation
10.1 This is where variables are joined with strings using speech marks and the + operator.
11 Input types
11.1 Input used as interger
11.2 raw_input used as string
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