Religion and Human Relationships

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Religion and Human Relationships
1 Roles of men and women in the family
1.1 Tradition View
1.1.1 women's role: to have children, to bring them up and to run the home. Women must submit to their husbands in the home, accepting his overall authority.
1.1.2 Men's role: to provide physical needs of their families by bringing in a wage. Lead the family in religious matters, including worship in the home. Men should love their wives as much as they love themselves
1.2 Modern view
1.2.1 Most Christians now accept that man and women are equal- they now have female vicars, ministers and priests. They accept this as coming from the ministry of Jesus who: treated men and women as equals; preached in the court of the women in the jerusalem temple. (matthew 21.33-22.14)
2 Marriage and Marriage ceremonies
2.1 Church Of England
2.1.1 I....................take you,................. To be my wife, To have and to hold. From this day forward; For better, For worse, For richer, for poorer, In sickness and in health, To love and to cherish, Till death us do part; According to God's Holy law, In presence of God i make this vow. Represents verbal promise to each other
2.1.2 The ring symbolises a physical outward of an eternal bond between two people.
2.1.3 The white dress represents the purity and innocence of the bride.
2.1.4 The bride and the groom arrive separetely but leave together- this represents the idea that at frist they are separate, but then they become joined together.
2.1.5 The vicar represents the presence of god
2.2 Quakers
2.2.1 Wedding is held at the meeting house. The religious society of friends believes it is important that the marriage should be part of the ordinary meeting of the friemds and should be quiet and simple.
2.2.2 The bride and the groom, as well as the guests are dressed simply.
2.2.3 Guests, are not usually welcome to take photographs during the ceremony as this may disturb those in prayer.
3 Divorce
3.1 Catholic View
3.1.1 the bond of marriage is considered to be a sacred bond, one that is based on life long love, fidelity and family. Marriage is both a legal bond on earth and spiritual bond which God has witnessed.
3.1.2 Not permitted to receive Eucharist if she/he remarries.
3.1.3 A remaaried catholic may receive Holy Communion only if a marriage had been annulled by the church. An annulment is a declaration that the marriage was never valid in the first place. An annulment will be considered if there is a reasonable proof that the bond between the parties was invalid from the first day of marriage.
3.2 Church of England
3.2.1 They believe that a civil divorce is allowed and that you can be remarried in a church with the agreement of the vicar.
3.2.2 They may also allow divorce if one of the partners is being abusive. They will also allow divorce if one of the partners has committed adultery.
3.2.3 C of E may recognise that people may make mistakes, they may use the example of May of Magdalene, who committed adultery and was forgiven by Jesus,
3.3 Methodist
3.3.1 They allow people to remarry unless it conflicts with the ministers own views.
4 Contraception
4.1 Roman Catholic
4.1.1 The Roman Catholic church believes that using contraception is " intrinsically evil" in itself regardless of the consequences. Catholics are only permitted to use natural methods of birth control.
4.1.2 But the church does not comdemn things like the pill or condoms in themselves. What is morally wrong is using such things with the intention of preventing conception. Using them for other purpose is fine.
4.1.3 The church teaches that using artificial contraception is wrong because: it is against 'natural law'; It gives human beings the power to decide when a new life should begin and that power belongs to god; It reduces male respect for women.
4.2 Church Of England
4.2.1 Contraception is not regarded as a sin or going against God's purpose
4.3 Protestant church
4.3.1 They teach that contraception is sensible and should be encouraged, because children are more likely to be loved and cared of if their parents want them and can afford to bring them up well.
5 Civil Partnerships
5.1 Many Christians have no problem with civil partnerships saying that it reflects the way that society has changed over the years. The quakers, in particular, have no problem with civil partnerships reconising homosexual couples as no different to heterosexual couples.
5.2 Other Christians are less happy about civil partnerships and feel that homosexuality is against God's created order
5.2.1 In Genesis, Eve is created to be with Adam. "For this reason a man will leave his mother and father and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." This clearly states that a marriage or union of any sort should be male/female.
5.2.2 Natural Law: you can tell whether or not somethingis good by examining whether it fufils its purpose. For example, the purpose of human sexual relationships is ultimately to reproduce. A homosexual relationship can't produce offspring so must be against natural law.
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