1.6 System Security

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1.6 System Security
  1. Malware
    1. trojan
      1. decieves people to download it
        1. deceptive
          1. get informed w/ latest tricks
            1. program that looks good but is bad
      2. designed to gain unauthorised access to a computer system
        1. software written to infect computers
          1. on internet without protection = at risk
            1. fraud and identity theft
      3. Phishing
        1. online fraud techinque
          1. spamming people with fake messages
          2. lures people into revealing personal info
            1. credit cards, passwords etc.
              1. fastest online crime method
                1. identity theft
          3. Brute Force
            1. trial and error method
              1. decrypting data (passwords etc)
            2. Denial of Service
              1. flooding a server with useless traffic
                1. prevents them from responding to client server requests
                  1. service attack (DDOS)
                    1. multiple infected systems all target one system
              2. Data Interception and Theft
                1. packet sniffer program
                  1. the data goes where its not supposed to go
                    1. monitors traffic
                      1. stealing data
                2. SQL Injection
                  1. technique to change data in a database
                    1. by inserting additional code into text input box
                    2. used to hack data driven applications
                      1. creates a different search engine
                    3. WAYS OF PREVENTION
                      1. penetration testing
                        1. network forensics
                          1. network policies
                            1. anti-malware software
                              1. firewalls
                          2. user access levels
                            1. passwords
                              1. encryption
                        2. THREATS IN NETWORK
                          1. people as 'weak point' (social engineering)
                            1. network policy
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