B5a The skeleton

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B5a The skeleton
1 Broken bones
1.1 simple fracture
1.1.1 when the bone breaks cleanly
1.2 greenstick fracture
1.2.1 when the bone dose not break completely
1.3 compound fracture
1.3.1 when the broken bone shatters or breaks the skin and muscle
1.4 when the bones are broken or damaged they can become infected becsause there living things. however they can re-grow and repair themselves
2 types of skeleton
2.1 internal skeleton
2.1.1 provides shape and a framework for the body
2.1.2 grows with the body
2.1.3 are easy for muscles to attach to
2.1.4 has joints for flexibility
2.1.5 Humans skeletons are made of bone with some cartilage
2.1.6 Some animals have internal skeletons made entirly from cartilage
2.2 exoskeleton
2.2.1 heavy for protection
2.2.2 inflexible
2.2.3 an animal must shed its exoskeleton for it to grow
2.2.4 made from chitin
3 Joints
3.1 A joint is where two or more bones meet
3.2 fixed joint
3.2.1 the skull is a fixed joint, where bony plates are fused together
3.3 synovial joints
3.3.1 hinge joints - bend in one direction only the elbow the knee
3.3.2 ball and socket joints - allow a wide range of movement including rotation shoulder hip
3.3.3 ellipisodal - can move up, down, side to side but no rotation the wrist
4 structure of a long bone
4.1 hollow shaft
4.2 they weight less and are stronger than other bones
4.3 the head of the bone is covered in cartilage, to lubricate movement against other bones
4.4 contains bone marrow and blood vessels
4.5 the head of a bone contains air pockets
5 growing bones
5.1 in a foetus all the bones are made from cartillage
5.2 during growth the cartillage is replaced with calcium and phosphorus that makes it hard. this is called ossification
6 the arm
6.1 the arm ahs two muscles, the bicep and the tricep. these are antagonistic muscles
6.1.1 Antagonistic muscles work together. as one contracts the other relaxes and vice versa
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