The explorers daughter, kari Herbert

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sofia Larrain
Created by sofia Larrain over 1 year ago
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The explorers daughter, kari Herbert
1 Literary
1.1 Line 35-36: “each wife knew her husband instinctively and watched their progress intently.” She is romanticising with the people like they are in tune as they are with nature.
1.2 Line 33: “the women clustered on the knoll.” Like religious, it’s gathered-up.
1.3 Line 39-40: “every Hunter was on the water. It was like watching a vast, water bone game with the hunters spread like net around the sound.” Begins significant, event within the community all the women are there and children and all the men and older children are out hunting. “Spread like a net” indicates how many men there are.
1.4 Line 45-47: “he gently picked up his harpoon and aimed- in that split second my heart leapt for both hunter and narwhal.” “He gently picked up his harpoon and aimed” juxtaposition, it says he is gently picking it up but in reality it is a weapon to kill he is picking it up to kill. She is trying to make the Gunter seem not as vicious killer but as someone that hunts with respect, he isn’t doing it because he wants to, or for a spot he is doing out of necessity. Not in violence or anger. “In that split second my heart leapt for both hunter and narwhal” having while watching, because they are small, and burner able. They want them to succeed in their hunt because if they fail they will suffer. But she also appreciates the majestic and the beauty of the narwhal. So she is torn and she is expressing it in lyrical terms.
2 Non-fiction no-emotive language
2.1 Line 19 then 21-23: “the climate prohibits the growth of vegetables or fruit.” “Whales was also the only source of light and heat, and the dark rich meal is still a valuable part of the diet for both man and dogs a single narwhal can feed a team of dogs for an entire month.” They rely on the vitamins the narwhals gives them as they can’t produce fruits or vegetables. They aren’t only used for fuel, they are essential to survive.
2.2 Line 27-29: “strangely the tusk seems to have little use for the narwhal itself; they do not use the tusk to break through ice as breathing hole, nor will they use it to catch or attack prey.” She goes on to talk about, and justify how their tusk isn’t of much use to them.
3 Non-fiction
3.1 Line 41-42: “are intelligent creatures, they talk to one another.” Documentary, focuses on the natural they are intelligent they have developed senses. She almost personified them. She compares the hunters as having the same developed senses as the narwhal has. The need of both are equal she is making an under stand this, that we shouldn’t prioritise one above the other. Equal consideration for both.
4 Literary emotive language
4.1 Line 3-4: “plumes of spray from the narwhal catching the light in a spectral play of colours.” Suggests they are mystical creatures.
4.2 Line 4-5: “often looking as if they were going to merge, but always slowly methodically passing each other.” Dream like dance. “Methodically passing” suggests they have a way of thinking, to know their way around and how to not bash into each other.
4.3 Line 6-7: “the glittering kingdom in front of me and took a sharp intake of breath.” Dream land, she is stunned by her surroundings and that this literally takes her breath away.
4.4 Line 7-8: “the evening light was turning butter-gold, glinting off man and whale and catching the soft bullies of smoke .” Traditional way of life, romantic imagery man and nature being in harmony. A sense of equality because “light was glinting off man and whale.@
4.5 Line 11-12: “I fell to wondering if the narwhal existed at all or were instead mischievous tricks of the shifting light..” dreamlike world, because the narwhals are so mystical and magical creatures to her they don’t seem real.

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