Increase in deforestation in Colombia

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Increase in deforestation in Colombia
1 What is the deforestation?
1.1 Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests.
2 In what consist the deforestation?
2.1 Consists that the humans remove or clear large areas of forest lands and related ecosystems for non-forest use.
3 What are the principal causes of the deforestation?
3.1 2.Livestock Ranching
3.1.1 Forest clearing for livestock ranching is another contributor of deforestation.
3.2 1.Agricultural Expansion
3.2.1 The increase in global demand for commodities,
3.3 3.Logging
3.3.1 Logging, including illegal logging, is a driver of deforestation
4 what is the history of deforestation?
4.1 IT IS A COMMON misconception that deforestation is a recent occurrence, gaining momentum in the tropical regions of the world since about 1950.
4.1.1 proposals and conclusions structure an inter-institutional team to combat logging indiscriminate trees in municipalities such as Tibú and El Tarra, where there is also a high concentration of illicit crops. some monetary benefit will be given to the illegal growers so that they stop cultivating and thus achieve the reduction of the cutting of trees or better known as deforestation in Colombia.
5 Examples of deforestation
5.1 1.n the humid tropics, indigenous people clear forests by cutting down trees and burning them, called slash-and-burn practices.
5.2 2.High demand for commodities such as soy, wood pulp and palm nut oil leads to forest destruction and replacement with plantations
5.3 3. As population increases, deforestation results. An example is China, which went from about 1.4 million people 4,000 years ago
6 who are those who deforest?
6.1 The DeForest "D" was created during the 2000-01 school year by high school art instructor Chris Smith and his 00-01 senior art students, in cooperation with members of the high school student council.
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