Study Schedule- this week (1)

Lavinia Hayde
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Lavinia Hayde
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my study schedule for the this week

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Study Schedule- this week (1)
1 Monday 30th
1.1 buy study equipment
1.1.1 finish digital tech diary
1.2 finish this mindmap
1.3 exercise
1.4 start finishing essay- nxt week
1.5 finish 3 pages of social studies work book
1.6 do 2 pages of metal workbook
1.7 go over microbiology test
2 Tuesday 1st
2.1 start fraction pdf
2.2 make flashcards for physical and chemical properties of metals
2.3 elocate sections for notebook
2.4 exercise
2.4.1 increase speed of treadmill
3 Wednesday 2nd
3.1 print out forces and motion booklet
3.1.1 start completing
3.2 print our elements in action booklet
3.2.1 start completing
3.3 start revising with flashcards
3.4 review gender gaps
3.5 finish fraction pdf
3.5.1 start another sheet
3.6 continue classic book
3.7 make film and techniques flashcards
4 Thursday 3rd
4.1 review flashcards
4.1.1 physical and chemical properties
4.1.2 film techniques
4.2 continue classic book
4.3 math sheet- do some problems
4.4 start writing social studies notes
4.4.1 gender gaps
4.5 exercise
4.5.1 increase time on treadmill
4.6 organize binders
4.7 science booklets
4.7.1 continue forces and motion booklet
4.7.2 continue elements in action booklet
5 Friday 4th
5.1 clean laptop
5.2 create life notes
5.3 finish gant chart
5.3.1 print
5.4 flashcards
5.4.1 revise
5.4.2 make flashcards for sstd timeline
5.5 fix iphone case
5.6 exercise
5.6.1 increase incline on treadmill
5.7 print out all math notes
5.8 science booklets
5.8.1 continue elements in action booklet
5.8.2 continue forces and motion booklet
5.8.3 read 5 elements take notes or photocopy
6 Saturday 5th
6.1 begin to revise on biology
6.2 begin to read english help books
6.3 finish leftovers
6.4 change document icons
7 Sunday 6th
7.1 flashcards should be mostly memorized by now
7.2 finish questions on film techniques
7.3 plan next week
7.4 finish scraps
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