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A-Level Computing Mind Map on Maintenance, created by Billy Noyes on 09/29/2014.

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1 Corrective
1.1 Previously undetected bugs revealed during the use of the system
1.1.1 These bugs may have not revealed during testing
1.1.2 Must be corrected for the software to work correctly
1.2 fixes anything that is not functioning as it should be
2 Perfective
2.1 System runs to a decent degree, however could be improved
2.1.1 Allows for you to improve performance
2.1.2 Example Extra reports Faster queries
2.1.3 These changes do not affect the systems functionality
3 Adaptive
3.1 Systems will need to adapt to changing needs within an organisation
3.1.1 Particular parts of the system could outdated and need to be updated Better hardware could be available government legislation requires changes
3.1.2 Example Company begins expanding Needs to update a standalone system to a multi-user system
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