Free Will and Determinism

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A Level Ethics A2 Mind Map on Free Will and Determinism, created by Katie Browell on 09/30/2014.

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Free Will and Determinism
1 Hard Determinism
1.1 There is no free will. All moral actions have prior causes. No one can be held morally responsible
1.1.1 Human behaviour is wholly determined by external factors, It is all a chain of cause and effect. Ted Honderich 'All our choices, decisions, intensions, other mental events, and our actions are no more than effects of other equally necessitated events. There is no choice and therefore no moral resposiblity.'
2 Libertarianism
2.1 People are fee to make moral choices and so are responsible for their actions
3 Soft Determinism
3.1 Determinism is true in many aspects but we are still morally responsible for our actions
4 Compatiblism
4.1 The belief that it is possible to be both free and determined. Some aspects of our nature are determined but not our ability to make moral decisions
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