Copyright And Misuse

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Year 8 Computing Mind Map on Copyright And Misuse, created by tabi nieburg on 05/18/2018.

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Copyright And Misuse
  1. What Is Copyright?
    1. If you use something that someone else had made or created that is copyright.
      1. If you use something that someone else has made or created without the makers permission that is copyright.
      2. General Copyright Facts
        1. It is either the law or it's not.
          1. You will always have to sign a terms and conditions.
            1. If you are caught committing copyright you can be fined £100,000 or 5 years in prison.
              1. You need to male sure everything that school or you use is genuine.
                1. The Copyright, designs and patens act 1988 is the current UK copyright law.
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