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English Notes
  1. The Sentence:
    1. Types: statements, questions, exclamations, commands
      1. Simple Sentence: 1 finite verb, 1 idea. Anna READS a book
        1. Complex Sentence: One main clause, another subordinate clause which provide additional information, joined by subordinating conjunctions. Candy received her results while she was recuperating in hospital after she had broken her leg.
          1. Compound Sentence: 2 or more finite verbs, 2 simple sentences joined by fanboy conjunction. Dan plays soccer at school and works on his computer.
            1. Subject: who/what we talking about. Predicate: rest of the sentence
              1. Phrase: sentence without verb. The girl entered the room, HAPPILY AND CONFIDENTLY.
                1. Main clause: main idea, can stand alone. The van came to a halt, after it had run out of petrol. Subordinate clause: contains a verb, cannot stand alone. (While the engine was running), the man jumped out the car.
          2. Punctuation
            1. Commas: list, additional information, beginning one phrase, end of another. Comma splice: A census was taken, the government needed statistics. WRONG.
              1. Semi Colons ; long pause that balances 2 important ideas, indicates opposite ideas, joins sentences when there is no conjunction.
                1. Colons : a list is following, introduces a quote, dialogue
                  1. Quotation marks "" Direct speech, quotations, titles of books/movies.
                    1. Italics: titles & foreign words
                      1. Ellipsis... indicate sentence is incomplete, something is following
                    2. Parenthesis: additional information, also can use commas/dashes instead
                      1. Hyphen - Links prefixes to works, linked to words that cannot be completed on 1 line, differenciate meanings.
                        1. Dash -- pauses, parenthesis, additional information, climax.
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