Brain and Nutrition

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A mind map of Lesson 3 - Brain and Nutrition from FCE3204 - Thinking Skills subject.

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Brain and Nutrition


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1 Nutrition
1.1 Essential Duties
1.1.1 Protein
1.1.2 Fats
1.1.3 Carbohydrates
1.1.4 Elements Iron Selenium Potassium Water
1.2 Effects of Having Breakfast
1.2.1 Performance Higher Grades Better Test Scores
1.2.2 Better Concentration
1.2.3 Problem-Solving Skills
1.2.4 Eye-to-Hand Coordination
1.2.5 Motivated
1.2.6 Low Tardiness, More Attendance
1.3 Effects on Learning
1.3.1 Focus and Learn more
1.3.2 HIgher Academic Achievement
1.4 Lack of Nutrition
1.4.1 Low Concentration Level
1.4.2 Loss of Memory
1.4.3 Depression
1.4.4 Low I.Q.
1.4.5 Learning Disability
1.4.6 Slow Language Development
2 Brain
2.1 Structure
2.1.1 Neurons Proteins Fats
2.1.2 Nutrients Digestive Bloodstream Brain
2.1.3 Healthy Brain Consumes Protein Fats Carbohydrates Micro Nutrients
2.2 Development
2.2.1 Foetus Brain absorb 70% of nutrients from mother
2.2.2 Children Cognitive & Language Social Skills Emotional Growth
2.3 Brain and Nutrition
2.3.1 Communication Neurotransmission
2.3.2 Information from Nerve impulse Chemical content Neurotransmitter Hormone Nurepinephrine Serotonin Food Dopamine
2.3.3 Function to develop Dendron Dendrites
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