Thermal Physics


9 Physics (General Physics) Mind Map on Thermal Physics, created by Danial Ahmed on 06/26/2013.
Danial Ahmed
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Danial Ahmed
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Thermal Physics
  1. Temprature
    1. Temprature and its Measurement
      1. Common Temprature
        1. Thermocouple Thermometer
        2. Transfer of Thermal Energy
          1. Transfer of Thermal Energy
            1. Conduction
              1. Convection
                1. Radiation
                  1. Application of Thermal Energy
                  2. Kinetic Model Of Matter
                    1. The states
                      1. Pressure in Gas
                      2. Thermal Properties of Matter
                        1. Heat Capacity
                          1. Melting and Solidification
                            1. Boiling and Condensation
                              1. Latent Heat
                                1. Evaporation
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