Beyond The Sky and The Earth


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Beyond The Sky and The Earth
  1. By Jamie Zeppa
    1. Structure
      1. Vivid description of the writer's first impressions of a foreign land
        1. Conveys writer's reaction changes from her inital unenthusiastic attitude to a gradual fascination as she learns about the country's history and observes its culture
        2. Form
          1. Personal account of explorations and travel experiences
            1. Factual Details
              1. Specific terms are explained
                1. Opinions are conveyed
                  1. Describes a key event
                    1. Includes background detail
                    2. Evidence of research
                      1. The reader learns about Bhutan through the narrator
                      2. Language
                        1. Uses language to convey her mixed feelings effectively
                          1. Full of information to give the reader a sense of place and Zeppa's personal view of Bhutan and what she sees and experiences
                            1. Informative piece - lots of facts, Zeppa also makes it lively and intriguing by falling in love with the country
                            2. Techniques
                              1. Imagery
                                1. Facts
                                  1. Repetition
                                    1. "on the other side of mountains are mountains, more mountains and more mountains again"
                                      1. Effect: expresses Zeppa's feeling of being overwhelmed by the scenery and that there are mountains everywhere, can also seem monotonous as they are the only thing she can see
                                      2. Lists
                                        1. Used extensively!
                                          1. Syndetic Lists
                                            1. = connected by conjunctions
                                              1. "thin and dry and very cold"
                                                1. emphasises the quantity
                                                2. Asyndetic Lists
                                                  1. = connected by commas
                                                    1. "onions, rice, milk powder, dried fish, plastic buckets..."
                                                      1. seems all inclusive, like one big chunk of information
                                                      2. Effect: overwhelming, reader is bombarded with information
                                                      3. Compound words
                                                        1. "knee length", "pine-panelled_
                                                          1. Effect: allows inclusion of small details, makes the writing seem detailed and precise which helps bring it alive to the reader
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