Grandpa's Soup by Jackie Kay

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Grandpa's Soup by Jackie Kay
1 Jackie Kay
1.1 Born and brought up in Scotland in 1961.
1.1.1 She was born to a Scottish mother and Nigerian father, but was adopted at birth and lived with her adoptive parents and their other adopted child.
1.2 She has 5 published collections of poetry for adults along with several collections for children.
1.2.1 One of her adult collections ‘The adoption papers’ won several prizes.
1.3 She was awarded and MBE in 2006
2 C.A.P
2.1 Context-- The poem is from one of Kays collections based on experiences from her life. This specific memory is clearly explaining memories surrounding her grandpa.
2.2 Audience-- Most likely adults or modern audiences, maybe older children.
2.3 Purpose--Mostly to entertain the audience as it is quite a playful poem. Also to explore family relationships and the nature of memories
3 Lexis
3.1 semantic field of food
3.2 'And Grandpa says, Och, which rhymes with hough and loch, Och Dont be daft'
3.2.1 The Scottish dialect gives the reader a sense of where the poem actually came from and the heritage left by her grandpa.
3.2.2 Kay cleverly shows the reader how 'och'is pronounced with 'hough and loch'
3.3 Throughout the poem Kay uses minimal negative words about her grandpa, this displays the fondness she felt towards him.
3.3.1 repetition of 'the perfect size' shows how proud she was of the soup.
3.4 poem is written in free verse
3.5 first person narrative indicates that it is a personal memory she feels, but this doesn not limit it to her, its could be relatable to anyone who feels fondly of their grandparents.
3.5.1 written in the present tense, even though it is clearly not happening now, showing the narrator is reliving the fond memory in her head.
3.6 Metaphors
3.6.1 The soup could stand as a metaphor for him, saying that everything about him was perfect nothing was out of place and wrong with him; that nobody can replace him or recreate him because he was one of a kind.
3.6.2 kay compares the soup to a sea, this implies that the soup is now unreachable and vast - 'like a rich island in the middle of the sea' line 8.
3.7 (lines 14-19) kay starts to realise that the soup wont be there forever and this changes the tone of the poem. It goes from being a happy and nostalgic poem to a slightly sadder tone; this is when she realises that her grandpa wont be there forever and she wont have him to rely on constantly. she is also saying that when he is gone she will still long to see him and when he is gone nothing will be quite right because the thing she loved is gone so she cant even bare to try anything that ismeant to similar to avoid destroying the memories that the soup has created
3.8 Repetition
3.8.1 'the perfect size' is repeated on lines 2 and 3 suggestion the childish voice of her and depicting how perfect the soup was to her childish voice shown in 'No one makes soup like my Grandpa's'
3.8.2 in the second stanza she uses 'grandpa' lots, this is making it more personal to her, and showing how much she idolised him. It also is making the soup a possession of her grandpa's highlighting (again) that it cant be recreated by anyone.
4 Grammatical Features
4.1 The first stanza uses minimal punctuation to firstly make the poem flow better and give it a rhythm, and secondly to give the idea of thoughts popping into her head as she writes it, which in turn shows excitedment
4.1.1 there is only punctuation on lines 4-8, and this is only minimal.
4.1.2 rhetorical question on line - '..what are their names?' - this is kay suddenly trying to remember a key part of the recipie. It sounds like a thought that you get on the tip of your tounge but cant quite remember it
4.2 second stanza is filled with more punctuation as she begins to fade away from the soup and edge towards memories of her grandpa.
4.2.1 More of the lines end with full stops as if they are just lone thoughts.
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