attract people with week of events

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attract people with week of events
1 food
1.1 what
1.1.1 greggs
1.1.2 mcdonalds
1.1.3 coke
1.2 where can it be supplied
1.2.1 by staff
1.2.2 stadium
1.2.3 outside
1.3 free
1.4 special coupons*
2 *coupons are where upon entry you will be given a coupon to either receive a chilled drink of your choice or a pasty of your choice. You will receive these daily.
3 people
3.1 public
3.1.1 adults
3.1.2 children
3.1.3 teens
3.1.4 elderly
3.1.5 disabled
3.2 famous
3.2.1 presenters ant and dec
3.2.2 singers Emilie sande
3.3 stewards**
3.3.1 where entrances/exits activities large groups
3.3.2 when all the time
3.3.3 what stop fights give out maps explain the day help people run activities
3.3.4 who volunteers
4 how to get people to know about it
4.1 twitter
4.2 facebook
4.3 Sunderland website
4.4 word gets round
4.5 newspapers
4.6 television
4.7 local news
5 who can attend
5.1 anyone
5.1.1 any ethnic
5.1.2 any age
5.1.3 any race
5.1.4 any disabiltiy
5.1.5 any country
6 ** stewards are going to be the most viewed people in the week they are volunteers who will basically run the whole event by watching over everyone, explaining the rules and guiding people.
7 sponsorships
7.1 located in sunderland
7.1.1 nissan
7.1.2 stagecoach
7.1.3 Barclays bank
7.1.4 nike
7.1.5 public
7.2 anywhere
7.2.1 coca cola
7.2.2 greggs
7.2.3 nestle
7.2.4 kellogs
7.2.5 l'oreal
7.2.6 honda
7.2.7 toyota
7.2.8 ebay
7.2.9 blackberry
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