Stylistic writing features of Thomas Hardy

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Stylistic writing features of Thomas Hardy
1 Biblical allusions
1.1 contextual change in christianity
1.1.1 "Thy, damnation, slumbereth, not."
2 Colloquial language
2.1 Joan Durbeyfield
2.1.1 "Yll be fess enough, my poppet, when th'st know!"
3 Metaphors
3.1 Tess' body
3.1.1 "beautiful feminine tissue, sensitive as gossamer"
3.2 Tess' journey
3.2.1 "long and stony highway"
3.3 Exposure
3.3.1 "they were every one put to death by the sticks and stones of the harvesters"
4 Descriptive writing
4.1 Describing Marlott
4.1.1 "The village of Marlott...Such is the vale of Blackmoor."
5 Pathetic fallacy
5.1 hidden/secret plans
5.1.1 "mist of yellow"
5.1.2 "The Chase was wrapped in thick darkness"
5.2 Mirrors Tess
5.2.1 "Sad October"
6 Irony
6.1 Alec is not honourable/loses his honour
6.1.1 "Upon my honour!"
6.2 Alec whistles love song
6.2.1 "Take, O take those lips away"
7 Motif
7.1 White - purity, innocence, virginity
7.1.1 "all dressed in white gowns"
7.1.2 "revealing the red and ivory of her mouth"
7.2 Red - danger, passion, blood, hell
7.2.1 "Red ribbon in her hair"
7.2.2 "Red and smooth" (Alec's lips)
7.2.3 "made her blush a little"
7.2.4 "Red coal of a cigar"
7.3 Birds - Tess, freedom, caged
7.3.1 "gentle roosing birds" (pheasants - bred to be killed)
8 Symbolism
8.1 Phallic shape
8.1.1 Alecs cigar
8.1.2 Arrow that kills the white Hart
8.1.3 Snake (Garden of Eden)
8.2 Alec is dangerous
8.2.1 "behind, the green valley of her birth"
8.3 Birds represent Tess
8.4 Angelic
8.4.1 "his room was an immense attic" (watching over Tess)
9 Allusion
9.1 Romeo & Juliet
9.1.1 "the pretty maiden he had not danced"
9.2 Alexander the Great (Alec d'Urberville)
9.3 Greek mythology
9.3.1 "Lotis attempting to elude Priapus, and always failing"
10 Modern views
10.1 Not Tess' fault she was raped
10.1.1 "immeasurable social chasm" (loss of virginity)
10.1.2 "and you did not help me!"
10.2 Angel is modern
10.2.1 "I should prefer to not take orders"
10.2.2 "taking his meals downstairs in the general dining-kitchen"
10.2.3 "his object being to acquire a practical skill in the various processes of farming, with a view either to the Colonies, or the tenure of a home-farm"
10.3 Loss of faith
10.3.1 "the ache of modernism"
11 Eponymous
11.1 Tess of the d'Urbervilles is named after the protagonist
12 Recurring themes
12.1 Merlott is a safe place
12.1.1 "an engirdled and secluded region"
12.2 The White Hart represents Tess
12.2.1 "killing by a certain Thomas de la Lynd of a beautiful white Hart"
12.3 Tess is innocent/naive
12.3.1 "held it by the stem to her mouth"
12.4 Alec is manipulative/cruel/childish
12.4.1 "Your father has a new cob"
12.4.2 "Don't you love me ever so little now?"
13 Foreshadowing
13.1 White Hart story foreshadows penetration/Tess' being raped
13.2 Tess is dangerous to Alec
13.2.1 "regarded herself in the light of a murderess"
13.2.2 "of which he was to see more some day"
13.3 Alec wants to pursue her (white Hart)
13.3.1 "he thought better of it, and let her go"
13.3.2 "What a crumby girl!"
13.4 Alec is dangerous to Tess
13.4.1 "the protection of their companionship homeward"
13.4.2 "Lotis attempting to elude Priapus, and always failing"
13.5 Death
13.5.1 "cheeks that were damp and smoothly chill"
13.5.2 "they were every one put to death by the sticks and stones of the harvesters"
14 Other
14.1 Similies
14.2 Personification
14.3 Onomatopeia
14.4 Assonance
14.5 Alliteration
14.6 Sibilance
14.7 Listing
14.8 Trippling
14.9 Punctuation
14.10 3rd person (omnicient) narrative
14.11 Dialect
14.12 Direct speech
14.13 Interventional narrator
14.14 Humour
14.15 Verisimilitude
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