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Problem Based Learning (PDÖ)


A mindmap about the basics of problem based learning
Betul Oluk
Mind Map by Betul Oluk, updated more than 1 year ago
Betul Oluk
Created by Betul Oluk about 4 years ago

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Problem Based Learning (PDÖ)
  1. student centered ( öğrenci merkezli)
    1. teacher as a mentor (öğretmen danışman konumunda)
      1. student centered ( öğrenci merkezli)
        1. real-life problems (gerçek yaşamla alakalı problemler)
          1. well-structed
            1. insight
              1. ill-structed
              2. collaboration (işbirliği)
                1. process driven (süreç odaklı)
                  1. inductive and deductive learning together
                    1. interdicipliner
                      1. critical thinking
                        1. group works
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