Three Branches of Government

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Three Branches of Government
1 Executive Branch
1.1 Make decisions and administer them through the civil service
1.2 Municipal: inspect businesses and restaurants
1.3 Provincial: Number of exams high school students must write
1.4 Federal: Decide to purchase helicopters for national defense
1.5 Governor General + P.M. + Cabinet + public service
1.5.2 Cabinet elected party members chosen by P.M. P.M. designates Cabinet Ministers Minister of Foreign Affairs cultural, linguisitc, and social diversity Cabinet Solidarity members must display full support for leader and gov't decisions in public Party discipline by party whip if a member speaks out against their party in public Free discussion in caucuses Free Vote Shadow Cabinet opposition reps that mirror actual Cabinet and keep Cabinet member responsible
1.5.3 Prime Minister head of gov't national leader party leader
1.5.4 Public Service = civil service = bureaucracy Permanent employees who perform ongoing gov't business
2 Legislative Branch
2.1 Make, change, and repeal laws
2.2 Municipal: how to dispose of local garbage
2.3 Provincial: tax rate for education
2.4 Federal: Ottawa: laws in Parliament for funding army
2.5 Governor General + House of Commons + Senate = Parliament
2.5.1 Must meet at least once a year in sessions
2.5.2 Represents the ppl
2.5.3 Governor General Represents Monarch Holds power of Crown Gives formal assent to a bill Officially calls elections Limited by Constitution Chosen by Prime Minister Order in Council minor bill passed without going through steps
2.5.4 House of Commons Only part of Legislative Branch that is elected Seat elections must occur at least once every 5 years Voters in each riding elect one MP to represent them in Parliament The # of seats in Parliament is based on the amount of ridings in the country where bills become laws
2.5.5 Senate Appointed by Governor General on recommendation of P.M. Sobert Second Thought on legislation passed in House of Commons Prime Ministers often fill vacant seats with supporters from their own party as patronage
3 Judicial Branch
3.1 Interpret and administer law
3.2 Canada = democracy = judiciary separate from other branches
3.3 Ensure gov't acts within boundaries of Constitution
3.4 Courts + Judges

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