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Photosynthesis summary, both light dependent and independent stages.

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Crystal D'Souza
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1 Occurs in chloroplasts
1.1 Chloroplasts contain
1.1.1 Their own DNA
1.1.2 Their own ribosomes
1.1.3 Starch grains
2 Two Stages
2.1 1 - Light dependent
2.1.1 Thylakoid membrane of Grana Requires light and water
2.1.2 Inputs and Outputs Inputs: H2O, NADP and ADP+Pi Outputs: O2 NADPH, ATP
2.1.3 Light energy is used to split H2O into O, H+ and free -e
2.1.4 O2 released as waste
2.1.5 Electrons pass along a chain of molecules giving energy at each step (ETC)
2.1.6 -e Energy is used to make ATP
2.1.7 H+ joins NADP+ to make NADPH
2.2 2- Light independent (Calvin Cycle)
2.2.1 Inputs and Outputs Outputs: Glucose, NADP , ADP+Pi Inputs: CO2, NADPH, ATP
2.2.2 Occurs in STROMA of Chloroplast. Depends on Stage 1.
2.2.3 Inorganic C needs to be converted to Organic C SO RuBisCo does this, by bringing a C molecule from a CO2 molecule to a 5-C molecule in the stroma (Rubp) Adding the C onto Rubp to make a 6-C molecule makes everything unstable So the 6-C molecule breaks giving 2 x 3-Carbon molecule (3-Phosphoclycerate) So now, we need energy. ATP puts phosphate onto our 3 C molecule and NADPH pops some electrons on So we have a high energy 3-C molecule (G3P) that can be converted to almost any carb Some G3P leaves the cycle and Glucose is formed from it and some is recycled back to Rubp to continue the CYCLE.
3 Factors Affecting Photosynthesis
3.1 Light
3.1.1 Availability affects rate Lower light = fewer products
3.1.2 Wavelength (Wl) and Intensity affect rate too Wl absorbed - depends on Chlorophyll and accessory pigments At the same Wl, P/s rate will increase until limited by some other factor
3.2 Temperature
3.2.1 Affects photosynthesis same way it affects all enzymes
3.2.2 High temp, high rate of P/s
3.3 CO2
3.3.1 Atmospheric CO2 or that from Cellular respiration
3.3.2 Low CO2 = Low P/S rates, because limits Calvin cycle
3.4 Water
3.4.1 Reduction in H2O = reduce in P/S rate because Needed as a reactant in Stage 1 Stomata will close, reducing CO2 levels Reduces availability of active sites
4 Chemosynthesis
4.1 Some organisms use chemicals instead of light to produce the organic molecules required for life

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