Original activity - new activity process

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The process of transforming activity A into activity B

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Original activity - new activity process
1 Ineffective elements to be improved
1.1 (ACMNA029) not met: "Under fast-paced learning conditions ... learning difficulties can arise" (Westwood 2008, p60
1.1.1 Dedicate an entire class to achieving this outcome so that rushing is not necessary
1.2 Students unable to generalise learning
1.2.1 "provide students with essential information to help them make complete sense of their discoveries" (Westwood, 2008 p58)
1.3 Students in some groups not participating
1.3.1 Add individual roles in group work: Actor, Director, Recorder
2 New elements to Enrich and Extend
2.1 Students extrapolate formula from pattern, or the pattern from formula, with increasingly complex formula.
2.1.1 With a focus on the box above, students will have more opportunity to meet (ACMNA035) by "Identifying missing parts of a pattern"
2.3 Meets (ACMSP048) By using the number wheel as a graph with "one categorical variable."
3 Currently effective elements: Children enjoyed the activity and were motivated to autonomously explore the possible patterns the number wheel could generate. Outcomes (ACMNA026), (ACMNA031) and (ACMNA029) are met. Three multiple intelligences were considered and catered for. Collaborative learning and group discussion took place.
3.1 Enriched & improved activity applicable to class 2
3.1.1 Enriched and improved activity which is applicable across the primary years
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