Journeys explored in Journey's End

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Journeys explored in Journey's End
1 Stanhope
1.1 Audience has prejudice views before we meet his character because of how others discuss him in the beginning
1.1.1 Subject of gossip Drinking habits
1.2 Violent encounters with:
1.2.1 Raleigh- ripping the letter from his hand Page 46: "Stanhope clutches Raleigh's wrist and tears the letter from his hand."
1.2.2 Hibbert- threatening to kill him Aggressive towards him- page 86 Page 54-58 "Stanhope turns and thrusts him roughly back." "(He takes out his revolver)"
1.3 Confides in and comforts others
1.3.1 Comforts Raleigh as he dies painfully Page 100-103 "(He bathe's the boys face)" "Lay him down here" Osborne's bed// Significant "(lightly runs his fingers over Raleigh's tousled hair)" Contrasts to him getting aggressive towards Raleigh: his arrival, his sister, the letters, calling him Dennis
2 Raleigh
2.1 Beginning
2.1.1 Almost obsessed with Stanhope? Admiration Specifically goes to his command
2.1.2 Naïve Doesn't understand the danger of war Excited for the raid "Awfully exciting"
2.1.3 Innocence Doesn't understand the impact of war Warned by Osborne on his arrival about how Stanhope won't be the same Dennis from school Starts to understand Notices Stanhope's drinking "And yet you can sit there and drink champagne"
2.2 Death
2.2.1 Still quite innocent However not part of a team at the end Doesn't join them for celebatory dinner after Osborne's death
2.2.2 Compares injury from the war to that of a rugby incident at school "I got kicked in just the same place at Rugger; it--soon wore off." Naïve Hopeful Creates hope for the other characters? Strong
2.2.3 Exit to the front line "Do you want me to go up?" No hesitation like Hibbert Gets straight on with it "Cheero- Stanhope"
3 Hibbert
3.1 Homesick
3.2 Frightened
3.2.1 Puts off going to the front line at the end Drinks water: swirls it round his mouth to waste time Page 97: "(Slowly rinsing his mouth with every sip)" Page 97: "There's no appalling hurry is there?" No team spirit
3.3 Doesn't follow camaraderie
3.3.1 Makes excuses to go home Lying Nerves in his face hurt
3.4 This feeling on him being terrified and wanting to escape continues from the start to the ending of the play
4 Osborne
4.1 Avuncular
4.1.1 Other characters call him 'uncle'
4.1.2 Motherly figure? Tucks Stanhope in bed at night
4.1.3 Was a teacher Hierachy Balancing force Taken away once he dies Everything becomes unstable
4.2 We don't see a change in his character as such
4.2.1 He is genuine throughout and helps the others Adds a sense of normality to the situation they are all facing
5 Trotter
5.1 Normalises the situation slightly
5.1.1 Humour
5.2 Love for food
5.3 Jolly
5.3.1 Singing
5.4 Friendly character throughout
5.5 Doesn't seem as affected by the war as other characters
5.5.1 E.g. Stanhope's alcohol abuse However he does tell stories about home sometimes His way of coping
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