AQA Physics [P1] Part 1

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AQA Physics [P1] Part 1
1 Using energy
1.1 Forms of energy
1.1.1 Nuclear
1.1.2 Kinetic
1.1.3 Light
1.1.4 Sound
1.1.5 Electrical
1.1.6 Gravitational potential
1.1.7 Elastic energy
1.1.8 Chemical
1.2 Efficiency
1.2.1 Prevention of waste energy
1.2.2 More efficient Reducing friction Reducing air resistance Reducing electrical resistance Reducing noise
1.2.3 Sankey diagrams
2 Heat transfer by heating
2.1 Radiation
2.1.1 Surface area Design Radiators Flasks Temperature of surroundings
2.1.2 Dark matt Good
2.1.3 Light shiny Poor
2.2 Conduction
2.2.1 Solids Close particles Metals Free electrons
2.3 Convection
2.3.1 Liquids/gases Convection currents
2.4 States of matter
2.4.1 Solids Vibrating particles Energy transfer
2.4.2 Liquids Free moving High energy particles Evaporation Low energy particles Condensation
2.4.3 Gases
3 Buildings
3.1 Reducing the rate of energy
3.1.1 Insulation
3.1.2 U-Values Lower Better insulator Higher Faster the heat transfer
3.2 Heat storage
3.2.1 Specific heat capacity Water High Central heating
4 Electrical energy
4.1 Heating
4.2 Lighting
4.3 Making objects move
4.4 Creating sound
4.5 Visual images
4.6 Cost effective
4.6.1 Payback time
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