AQA Physics [P1] Part 2

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AQA Physics [P1] Part 2
1 Generating electricity
1.1 Renewable
1.1.1 Biofuels
1.1.2 Hydroelectric Causes flooding
1.1.3 Solar power Produces a small amount of electricity
1.1.4 Tidal power Affects local ecology
1.1.5 Wind turbine Requires land
1.1.6 Geothermal Expensive
1.2 Non-renewable
1.2.1 Fossil fuels Coal Oil Gas Release carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide
1.2.2 Nuclear Uranium Plutonium Nuclear waste - difficult to dispose
1.2.3 National grid Transformers Step up Step down High-voltage current less energy lost in cables
2 Waves
2.1 Properties
2.1.1 Wavelength
2.1.2 Amplitude
2.1.3 Frequency
2.1.4 Speed = frequency x wavelength
2.2 Longitudinal
2.2.1 Vibrate parallel to the direction of transfer
2.2.2 Vibrations in a medium Sound
2.2.3 Compression
2.2.4 Rarefaction
2.3 Transverse
2.3.1 Mechanical Require medium to travel through
2.3.2 Vibrate at right angles to the direction of transfer
2.4 Doppler Effect
2.4.1 Red-shift of galaxies and stars Big Bang theory Universe is expanding Cosmic microwave background information Further away... bigger red shift
2.5 Reflection
2.6 Refraction
2.7 Diffraction
3 Electromagnetic waves
3.1 Communication
3.1.1 Visible light Photography
3.1.2 Infrared Remote controls
3.1.3 Microwaves Satellite TV Mobile phone
3.1.4 Radio waves Radio TV Bluetooth
3.2 R-M-I-V-U-X-G
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