Online and Mobile Talk

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Online and Mobile Talk
1 Where and when is it happening?
1.1 Often the speakers are far apart, which could lead to them describing the scene around them to the other person
1.2 On older phones, the text might be shorter as they are harder to type, however with full keyboards and predictive text it is quicker to write longer texts
2 How is it interactive and dynamic?
2.1 Often conversations will be started by one of the speakers texting/messaging a short intro text (hey, hi) or with a question (phatic or transactional)
2.2 Speakers will often take a turn each in texting, with each person sending one text before waiting for a reply. Online group messaging is often done over a long period of time thus meaning that there will be long gaps, with no conversational order
2.3 When on a mobile, replies are either really late or really quick, as it can be done at anytime
3 How are human voice and body present?
3.1 Accents can be shown by spelling words phonetically, as they would be said
3.2 Emoticons can be used to express gestures or to show emotions felt by speakers. They can be used instead of sentences or words
3.3 Punctuation is also important to show emphasis and the tone of voice when using devices. CAPITAL letters are emphasised and exclaimation marks! are used to exclaim etc.
4 What images of identity or self are the speakers projecting?
4.1 Speakers will use their sociolect to talk and may change spellings to fit that dialect. They may also impersonate different sociolects for sarcasm
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