Life Cycle of Stars

Em Attwood
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GCSE Science (Physics) Mind Map on Life Cycle of Stars, created by Em Attwood on 07/12/2013.

Em Attwood
Created by Em Attwood over 6 years ago
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Life Cycle of Stars
1 Five Stages of Star Life
1.1 1. Protostar
1.2 2. Average or Masssive Star
1.3 3. Red Giant or Super Giant
1.4 4. Planetary Nebula or Supernova
1.5 5. White Dwarf or Black Hole/Neutron Star
2 What Happens at the End of a Stars Life?
2.1 Low Mass Star
2.1.1 Shrinks to a White Dwarf
2.1.2 Electrons prevent it from futher collapse
2.1.3 0.5 solar mass or less
2.2 Medium Mass Stars
2.2.1 0.5 solar mass to 3.0 solar mass
2.2.2 Shrinks to a Neutron Star

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