Water Supply and Sanitation

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New South Wales - Higher School Certificate (HSC) Ancient History (Pompeii and Herculaneum) Mind Map on Water Supply and Sanitation, created by janmart.tenedora on 07/14/2013.

Created by janmart.tenedora over 6 years ago
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Water Supply and Sanitation
1 Various methods
1.1 ground water from wells
1.2 rainwater collected from buckets
1.3 Abundance in sanitary provisions
2 Wells
2.1 Geological substrata
2.1.1 Increases difficult of reaching water hence, small no. of wells in Pompeii
2.1.2 deadly gas in Pompeii
2.1.3 easy for Herculaneum (8-10 m depth)
3 rainwater collected in atrium
3.1 rainwater on roof
3.1.1 fell through decorated compluvium stored into impulvium led to subterranean cistern
4 Water pipe system
4.1 castellum aquae, main water distribution center
4.1.1 water brought by aqueduct Steepness of hills aided in water transportation pipes went through baths, reservoirs, fountains Even to private houses
5 Sanitation
5.1 Public and private toilets
5.1.1 Used sponges bucket of water
5.1.2 built in niches to avoid too much water use
5.1.3 Led to cesspits

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