John Calvin

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John Calvin
1 Background
1.1 Wrote "The Isitute of Christain Religion while in Switzerland
1.2 Calvin set up his own religion called Calvinism
1.3 Moved into Geneva
2 Main Beliefs
2.1 The service should be in the language of the people
2.2 There was only one sacarament which was baptism
2.3 Priests should be allowed to marry if they wish
2.4 The people going to Heaven were chosen before they were born
3 Ministers
3.1 Elders
3.2 Deacons
3.3 Doctors
3.4 Pastors
4 Church Rules
4.1 Entertainment eg. Theatre we banned
4.2 Going to mass on Sunday was complusary
4.3 Swearing was a crime and punishable by law
4.4 Dress was restricted most people wore simple black outfits
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