Of Mice And Men - Slim

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Of Mice And Men - Slim
1 Majesty
1.1 "The prince of the ranch"
1.1.1 Fairytale
1.1.2 He has earned his place - it should be Curley because he is the bosses' son.
1.2 "And he moved with a majesty only achieved by royalty"
1.2.1 'Moved with majesty' requires one to move with graceful fluency without seeming effort.
1.2.2 High level of power - important role
2 Down to Earth
2.1 "There was a gravity in his manner"
2.2 Didn't have to raise his voice to be authoritative.
2.3 His word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love"
2.3.1 Such an authority on the ranch that his word was golden.
2.3.2 He is the natural leader at the ranch. Everyone respects his views and looks up to him.
3 "His ear heard more than was being said to him"
3.1 He doesn't take things people say to him at face value.
3.2 He can read into people and what and they say
3.3 He understands that there is often more to the story.
3.4 Gives everything a fair hearing.
3.5 Slim renders a decision much like a judge would do.
3.6 Leads to his word being gospel on the ranch.
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