Types of tissues in the body

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Types of tissues in the body
1 Epithelial
1.1 Pseudostratified
1.1.1 Found in air passages.
1.2 Simple Squamous
1.2.1 Found in lining of the air sacs in the lungs.
1.3 Simple Cubodial
1.3.1 Found in the ducts of glands.
1.4 Simple Columnar
1.4.1 Found in the digestive tract.
1.5 Stratified squamous
1.5.1 Found in the oral cavity, esophagus, vagina, and canal.
1.6 Transitional
1.6.1 Found in the bladder or ureters.
2 Nervous
2.1 Neurons
2.1.1 Found in the brain, spinal cord, and in the nerves.
2.2 Neuroglia
2.2.1 Found in the brain, spinal cord, and in the nerves.
3 Connective
3.1 Loose Connective
3.1.1 Found in binding of skin to internal organs.
3.2 Dense irregular
3.2.1 Found in the dermis layer of skin.
3.3 Reticular
3.3.1 Found in the spleen.
3.4 Hyaline cartilage
3.4.1 Found in ends of bones at joints.
3.5 Elastic cartilage
3.5.1 Found in the ear, or epiglottis.
3.6 Fibrocartilidge
3.6.1 Found in intervertibral discs, and discs of knee joints.
3.7 Bone
3.7.1 Found in the skeleton.
3.8 Blood
3.8.1 Found in circulation throughout body.
3.9 Dense regular
3.9.1 Found in tendons and ligaments.
4 Muscle
4.1 Skeletal
4.1.1 Found in the muscles connected to bones.
4.2 Smooth
4.2.1 Found in walls of many internal organs.
4.3 Cardiac
4.3.1 Found in intercalated walls of heart and discs between cells.
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